The Wowease bathing suit is an evolved one-piece swimsuit that looks like a traditional one-piece but has the ease of a two-piece. Our swimwear makes diaper changes and going to the bathroom a breeze for parents and kids, while remaining fun and fashionable!

But how does it work, exactly?

Our patented design uses hidden magnetic fasteners and snaps at the waist. So when it comes time for a diaper change or an “I gotta go!” moment, you simply unfasten the magnets and snaps and secure the flap to the back of the garment with the hidden back magnet. This keeps the flap up and out of the way. 

To reattach, simply pull the flap down the back and replace the magnets along the line at the front, then snap into place on the sides. You’re all set to get back to the fun! And those added snaps provide extra security, so your little girl can ride the waves or waterslide just as she always has!

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