As moms of young kids, we're always looking for better solutions to common problems. A few summers back, we were swimming with our daughters and realized what a pain it was to remove a wet one-piece bathing suit during those diaper change or "I've gotta go!" moments. It was even harder to get the wet bathing suit back on. 

We started putting our girls in two-pieces and tankinis, but the two-piece suits didn't provide enough coverage, and the tankinis never seemed to fit properly (saggy bottoms!).

We knew there must be an easier way, but after months of researching, we couldn't find one. So we decided to create our own.

We set out to evolve the one-piece bathing suit into a suit that could open and close with ease. Our swimwear makes diaper changes and going to the bathroom a breeze for parents and kids, while remaining fun and fashionable! 

We worked tirelessly with Alexis' mom (a retired fashion designer), cutting up old bathing suits, sewing them back together, creating our own patterns, and ultimately perfecting our products.

In late 2014, FASTEN® was created which is the name many of you remember us by. We founded the company with the goal of revolutionizing the one-piece bathing suit, and we’re proud to announce a new partnership that will help us take that mission even further. As of 2020, Fasten Swim is now Wowease.