Wowease Magnetease Technology

If you’ve browsed or purchased any of our swimsuits, you’ve probably seen us raving about our trademarked Magnetease technology. We can’t help ourselves--it’s been more than five years since we came up with the idea, and we still think it’s pretty great!

But what exactly is Magnetease technology and why is it such a game-changer for parents and their kids? Read on to learn the story behind this innovative fashion feature and what it took to get the concept just right. 

What Is Magnetease Technology?

The goal behind Wowease swimsuits was to find a faster, easier way to manage potty breaks than pulling down a wet, sticky swimsuit. If you’ve ever tried to help a frantic toddler get out of their suit before a bathroom-related disaster or attempted to change a diaper that’s suctioned to a soaking wet one-piece, you know the struggle is very, very real. We came up with the idea for a swimsuit that fastens at the bottom rather than having to be taken off from the top and immediately got to work creating a prototype (more on that here!) Link to post on how the company got started when published

One of the biggest hurdles we faced was finding the perfect mechanism to secure the bottom of the suit. We tried many, many different fasteners--bra hooks, buttons, zippers. When asked about his struggle to bring electricity to the masses, Thomas Edison is quoted as saying, “I didn't fail. I just found 2,000 ways not to make a lightbulb.” Well, we found about as many ways not to make a bottom-fasten swimsuit.  

Finally, we landed on what appeared to be the answer: magnets. They were affordable, lightning-fast, and most importantly, easy. This was the creation of Magnetease technology. 

Perfecting the Bottom Closure

These days, it’s not uncommon to see magnetic fasteners in adaptive clothing and clothing for children. At the time, though, very few fashion brands were using magnets as a fastening mechanism. We made our first magnetic prototype with magnetic tape from Home Depot. When we took that to our factory, they looked at us like we were crazy!

We spent a lot of time testing different strengths and styles of magnets. For months afterward, we would find them hidden in our couch cushions and step on stray magnets in the middle of the night. We held focus groups because we wanted to be sure that moms felt confident that the magnets would stay closed. What we learned was that even with a very strong magnetic closure, moms wanted a little something extra for added security. It was at that point that we added snaps, completing the design we eventually patented. 

The Magic of Magnets

Our patented design uses hidden magnetic fasteners and snaps at the waist. When it comes time for a diaper change or an “I gotta go!” moment, you simply unfasten the magnets and snaps to open the suit from the bottom. The flap attaches to the back of the garment with a hidden back magnet, keeping it up and conveniently out of the way. Diaper changes and bathroom breaks for little ones are so much easier this way!

When it’s time to get back in the suit and back to the fun, simply pull the flap down from the back and replace the magnets along the line at the front, then snap into place on the sides. You’re all set to go! Those added snaps provide just the right amount of extra security, so your little girl can ride the waves or waterslide worry free. 

Have you ever worn something that uses magnetic fasteners? It’s amazing how quick and easy they make things, and once you try it, we think you’ll be a fan. Browse our full collection of swimsuits for babies, toddlers, girls and women now!