Wowease Launches Women’s One-Piece Collection

Have you ever had an “a-ha moment?” You’re going about your day, maybe driving in the car or taking a shower, when all of a sudden something in your brain clicks. A-ha! We had one of these not too long ago, and it was the catalyst for our brand new women’s collection.

Our bottom-closure girls’ swimsuits have been hailed by the likes of Good Morning America and Parents magazine for their convenience and comfort. Parents love how Wowease suits make trips to the bathroom faster, cleaner and easier. But recently it hit us: young girls aren’t the only ones who deal with the swim-break struggle.  

Regardless of your age, navigating a wet swimsuit can feel like a full-body workout. First there are the twisted straps, then there’s the spandex-style suction... it’s enough to turn a bathroom break into a full-on breakdown! And if you have limited mobility, the challenge is even more aggravating. 

Our Women’s Collection brings the ease and accessibility of our patented magnet-closure swimsuits to women of all ages in stylish silhouettes to help you look and feel your best. 

The debut collection includes a dozen styles in figure-friendly cuts like a slimming bandeau and a triple-tier spaghetti strap that smooth and flatter in all the right places. Fun and fashion-forward prints like bold florals and Audrey-Hepburn-inspired stripes offer something for everyone, whether your style is understated or eye-catching. The best part is that every suit has a lower magnetic closure that makes getting in and out of it hassle free. 

We founded Wowease with the mission to reinvent swimwear with a particular eye toward making trips to the ladies’ room faster and easier. We’re excited to extend the offering to a wider range of customers through this new line. 

Make your next trip to the pool or beach simpler and more enjoyable. Browse the full Women’s Collection now!