Why Summer Is The Perfect Time To Potty Train Your Toddler


What do summertime and potty training have in common? They’re both best suited for minimal clothing! 

If you have a toddler at home, this season of warm weather and long days is the ideal time to get them acquainted with using the toilet. Here are five reasons summer is the perfect time to potty train your little one. 

1. Schedules Are Less Packed

Even before COVID-19 cleared calendars across the board, summertime has been known for being less structured than the rest of the year. Preschool programs scale back their hours, playgroups take a seasonal hiatus, and free time seems to be a lot easier to come by. Plus, spending more time at home is the safer option in most parts of the country right now. 

While there are those legends of wonderkids who potty train in a single weekend (who are they and what magic pill did their parents give them?!), for most children it’s a learning process that happens over several months. All this downtime is the perfect opportunity to get a jump on potty training before life gets hectic again in the fall. 

2. Many School Programs Require It

If you live somewhere where preschool and daycare programs will resume in the fall, you might want to give their policies a once-over. Many establishments require kids to be fully potty-trained before showing up on the first day. 

Experts agree kids need to be “ready” to potty train and can’t be rushed, so the last thing you want to do is to wait until the last week of August to start the urgent trips to the potty. Starting now gives you plenty of time to get the ball rolling and build your toddler’s confidence. 

3. Hot Weather Means Thirsty Kids

It’s simple biology: more empty sippy cups equal more bathroom breaks, and each one is an opportunity to practice their potty skills. The warm summer weather means kids will be more likely to sip on water and other hydrating fluids, which can actually help build strong bladder skills that support healthy bathroom habits. Bottoms up!

4. You’re Spending More Time Outdoors

Accidents are an inherent part of potty training, and let’s face it: a puddle on the lawn is desirable to a puddle on the carpet or hardwood floor any day.Spending more time outdoors means drips and dribbles are no big deal, which is also great for minimizing the stress kids sometimes feel about making it to the potty in time. 

5. The Season Is Bare-Bottom Friendly

If there’s one thing we know for sure about potty training, it’s that your kiddo is inevitably going to spend some time sans pants. A swimsuit is the ideal potty-training apparel, and our suits with magnetic-closure bottoms make quick removal a breeze.

Every Wowease bathing suit is equipped with a convenient magnet-snap closure that makes bathroom breaks faster and easier for both parents and kids. Now, getting undressed isn’t part of the potty training equation. Simply unsnap from the bottom and your little one is free to go. 

Start potty training with confidence this summer and browse our toddler collection now!