Long-Sleeved One Pieces Have Arrived!

At Wowease, we pride ourselves on being in tune with what our customers want, and one way we do that is by taking your feedback to heart. We love hearing from other parents about what’s working, what’s missing and what would make your life easier. 

One recent request came in loud and clear: you wanted options with sleeves. We’ve worked hard on perfecting a design, and today we’re proud to announce that long-sleeved one pieces are here and ready to ship!

Here are just a few of the things we think you’ll love about our long-sleeved one piece swimsuits for girls. 

More coverage. 

Let’s be honest: some of the girls’ swimsuits out there look like they'd be better off in the pages of Sports Illustrated than in a splash pool. We’re on a mission to offer styles that look cute and provide ample coverage. Long sleeves keep a little more skin hidden while still being comfy enough to play all day. 

Added sun protection.

What we wouldn’t give to travel back in time and slather our 13-year-old selves in some SPF 50! Give your little one a head start in the sun protection game with a suit that keeps her shoulders, arms and chest hidden from those powerful rays. 

Water sport friendly. 

Do you have a mini soul surfer in the making? Long sleeves work like a built-in rash guard to ward off scratches and scrapes from endless rides on the boogie board. Plus, we paid specific attention to designing a bottom half that stays in place and doesn’t ride up.

Less hassle. 

If there’s one thing we don’t love about long-sleeved suits, it’s getting them back on after a bathroom break. Our patented Magnetease technology snaps at the bottom, meaning there’s no wrestling with twisted, tangled sleeves when getting in and out of our suits. 

If you’ve made it this far, we have one question: why are you still here and not picking out your favorite long-sleeved suit? Click here to shop all of our new long-sleeve one pieces now! (link to collection)