A Whole New Way To Shop The Suits You Love

If you’ve been following us for a while, you may have noticed things look a little bit different around here. And if you’re new, welcome! Many exciting changes have been in the works these past few months and we’re thrilled to finally share them with you. 

The first development is pretty major: we changed our name. Fasten Swim is now Wowease. This update is part of our move to join a family of lifestyle brands led by some of the most knowledgeable leaders in the world of apparel. We can’t wait to learn from the collective experience of our new partners and bring you even more products that make life as a parent a little easier. 

The second update is something we’re really proud of: we launched a brand new eCommerce website. Ta da! The reimagined site was designed to reflect our overarching mission to revolutionize the one-piece bathing suit while making it super simple to find the type of suit you’re looking for by age or by style. Straightforward navigation lets you easily browse suits for babies and toddlers, young girls, older girls and our new women’s collection with filtering options for color, pattern and price range within each category. 

Everything you need to know about your Wowease swimsuit is also conveniently located on the site, including garment care and more information about our patented Magnetease technology

In case you’re wondering who “we” are, we figured this was the perfect time for a re-introduction. We’re Alexis and Jill, two moms who set out on a journey to reinvent girls’ swimwear. Okay, that sounds like a lofty goal, but what we really wanted to do was simply make it possible to change a diaper without wrestling a wet swimsuit on and off a wiggling toddler every time. Girl moms, we know you know the struggle. 

We sliced and diced old bathing suits, tried our hands with a needle and thread, and racked our brains to find the best way to lay out patterns. With the help of Alexis’ mom, a retired fashion designer, we arrived at a design that was not only functional, but that looked cute while eliminating saggy bottoms and slipping straps. Best of all, our design detaches at the waist for easy diaper access and hassle-free bathroom breaks. We obtained our first patent in 2015 and have been improving and building on our design ever since. 

We’re happy you’re here! We know you’re going to love the comfort and convenience of Wowease and your girls will love the freedom to play all day without once having to struggle with a twisted, tangled swimsuit. Browse our full collection now by clicking here

Thanks for stopping by!